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Pricing Policy


This is a topic that many people have difficulty talking about. We are very open to discussing why we price our dogs the way we do, so if you have questions after reading this, please email and ask.

 Most of our pups are priced at $2800 - $ 4300. Pricing can vary from litter to litter and from puppy to puppy because we base price on Parents, Health testing parents have had, Titles Parents have (If any), Pedigree, and Conformation of the puppy.

 We have invested and continue to invest a great deal of time and money into our dogs and our education on dog genetics. Our goals are to breed better with each generation. To do that, we believe you have to have a healthy dog. We have all our dogs tested by specialists O.F.A. Board certified veterinarians for Genetic eye issues (annually on all dogs), Patellas (knees),  Hips,   Legg-Calve Perthes, Bile Acid (liver shunts), P.D.E., PK Def (bleeding disorder)  and Heart. Then we test their D.N.A. via Embark for 200+ known genetic diseases. Embark also tests Coat Color, how inbred the dog is, and how far back to a wolf they are. 

We use this information to assist us in making good breeding choices to produce a healthier next generation. We do this in software designed to help with the mathematical formulas involved. Our goal is for you to save money over the lifetime of your Pug with as few veterinarian bills as possible. We do this by using science by having excellent owners keep in touch with us and communicating any issues that arise so we can work with the geneticists and veterinarians to solve the problem.

We show and do performance trials with many of our adults and keeper pups in A.K.C. and U.K.C. dog shows. Many obtain their titles. This requires many hours of training, socializing, and traveling. All of that also costs money. Even pups not staying here start the basics in training at 3-4 weeks of age with pee mat housebreaking and interacting with the other dogs. They start weaning and eating on their starting, usually around four weeks, but we let them nurse till seven weeks if they want, and the mom is willing.

When pups often leave us, they have been trained to sleep in a crate, or exercise pen, use a litterbox, use a potty mat, and depending on the time of year, outside trained. They have been socialized, had 2-3 DAPP vaccinations, microchipped, fully dewormed, vet checked, and more.


Your pup goes home with the following:

  • Two-year health guarantee

  • Lifetime Breeder support via email, messenger, phone, or our Facebook group

  • return for life, no questions asked

  • 2-3 - DAPP puppy vaccines

  • Dewormed at 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 Weeks old

  • Revolution starting at six weeks old

  • Health Records record all treatments up to 10 weeks old.

  • Puppy Swag Bag with Blanket Toys Custom Fit Harness Treat 

  • Checked by our Veterinarian (with a report in the puppy pack)

  • Already Microchipped with A.K.C. reunite

  • Already Registered with the A.K.C., we cover the cost

  • Trupanion Health Insurance Benefit with Instant coverage

  • Pedigree and access to parents' Health testing records

  • Started on the potty mat training and sometimes outdoor training (not in winter)

  • Eating solid food Purina Pro Plan (we send a few days' worth of food home with the pup)


We feel this is a commitment to your dog's life and ours. 

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