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cydney & Co Pug Cellar

Welcome to our breeding program, where we've dedicated the past 18 years to raising and showing high-quality Pugs. Based in Vernon, NY, we take great pride in our dogs and their accomplishments in conformation and performance events, including 4H.

In addition to our passion for Pugs, we enjoy winemaking and live on a small hobby farm where we show Langshan chickens and Myotonic goats. Our commitment to the health and well-being of our Pugs is unwavering, and we take every measure to ensure the health and happiness of our dogs.

We conduct comprehensive health testing on our dogs, including OFA eye, hip, patella, and elbow evaluations, EMBARK DNA testing, PDE, PK Def, serum bile acid, trachyalhypoplasia, and hemivertebra assessments. These measures ensure that our Pugs are healthy, happy, and ready to bring joy to their forever homes.

Thank you for considering us as your Pug breeder. We look forward to sharing our passion and love for these wonderful dogs with you.




We own a small farm in Vernon, NY. We currently show goats and chickens. We are active in 4H and at local fairs—an active member of our local Farm Bureau. One of our hobbies is Winemaking. 

Attention to health first and foremost. We strive to have as much health testing as is available to aid in breeding a healthier Pug. We believe that being transparent about the results is the only way for this breed to have a successful future. 

We are members of AKC's "Bred with Heart" program. 


Our Pugs are raised in our home with children and other pets. We have a small farm, so our dogs have interaction and familiarity with livestock. We show our dogs in AKC conformation and 4H events.  We make sure we socialize with different experiences and games, and toys. 

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